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Terms of use
Preliminary remark :
are under this named "THE SITES"

THE SITES' users undertake to comply with the following terms of use.

The entire contents of this Internet are governed by French and International law relating to copyright and intellectual ownership.
Any reproduction, distribution, representation, translation, broadcast, partial or total modification, irrespective of the medium (electronic or other) and irrespective of the process used, of all or part of this site is prohibited without THE SITES' express authorisation

The use of the photographs on another Internet side, databank or networked IT environment is prohibited without the express authorisation of THE SITES.

Internet sites having a hypertext link with THE SITES are not controlled by THE SITES, which, as a result do not accept any responsibility for their contents. The user alone is responsible for their use.
- Not to reproduce without the site's express authorisation any data coming from THE SITES, nor to integrate pages or photos from THE SITES within the framework of another site.
- Not to convey in any manner whatsoever any political, ideological or religious opinions, nor include information in the wider sense likely to harm the reputation of THE SITES.

Links to Internet sites not connected with to THE SITES are suggested as an indication only. When using these links you exit THE SITES. THE SITES do not control either these sites or their contents. For this reason, THE SITES do not accept any responsibility for these sites, their contents, or any consequences arising from their use. If you decide to access a third party site, you are acting on your own responsibility.

THE SITES has no other purpose than to display aerial photographs of the French coastline. The photos cannot be used for any other purpose whatsoever (especially for legal, expertise, cadastral, scientific reasons) other than for private leisure viewing.

The GPS co-ordinates of the photos are not those of the location being photographed, but those of the aircraft at the moment the photo was taken.

The titles on the photos correspond to a approximate grouping, which is there for the sole purpose of assisting navigation.

THE SITES do not give any guarantee as to the correctness of the data contained on the site, which is purely indicative. Therefore, THE SITES cannot be held responsible for any damage of any nature whatsoever, whether, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of the data shown on THE SITES.