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Photos quality
The photos you can see on this site do not really do justice to the original file quality. There are several reasons for this :
- the high compression (we have limited the size of our screen photos to approximately 100 Kb, giving a download time of 15 to 20 seconds with a 56 K modem).
- their limited scale (goes with file size). With the original files we can offer views 1.06 m wide...
- post-processing compromises linked to the quantity of photos to be processed (15 000).

To obtain a quality digital photo, you need to carry out post-processing from the original file. Given the number of photos taken, we have automated this work. : mist, cloud, atmospheric haze, morning light, full sun, evening light, changes in direction, sometimes with into-sun situations when we were photographing a particularly complex coastline, and the colours of the locations. We therefore had to compromise.

Following several try-outs, we selected a « reasonable » processing script, with middle-of-the-road rendition, in order to avoid chromatic aberrations and derivations.

Nevertheless, we would like to show you the real quality of a photo, obtained after specific processing.
Here are two examples :

Zoom / Focus / Details
The name of the lighthouse, "Saint Mathieu", appears on the enlargement, while it is not visible on the site photo (shot distance : approximately 1 kilometre).

Extract from site image(see image)

Extract from original file - optimised (horizontality, colour, focus)

You can download the photo (Maximum enlargement, size 1 metre) of the Pointe de Saint Mathieu. Approximately 2 minutes with ADSL or cable, or 30 minutes with a standard 56K modem. Download photo at maximum size

Calvi is taken into the sun. Nevertheless, the photo is totally usable.

Extract from site image (see image)

Extract from original file - optimised (horizontality, colour, focus)