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5,500 km of french coastline, 15,000 aerial photos is the geographic and tourist slide show of the entire coastline of France. Completed in 2003, it constitutes a unique document designed for those who love the sea as well as for the scientific world, tourism and environmental professionals and for teaching purposes. It allows the user to visit the site in just a few clicks, from the port of Saint Tropez and the beach at Deauville, the rock formations at Trégastel and the citadel at Bonifacio, the lighthouse at Biarritz and the cliffs at Etretat. It is updated regularly.
3,000 aerial photos of the islands around the Hexagon, Continental France

In addition to, this aerial photo site is totally devoted to the islands that surround France. From north to south, from Tatihou to Porquerolles, through Bréhat, Ouessant, or Sein, without forgetting the great Atlantic Coast islands of Belle-Ile, Ré or Oléron, we wanted to draw the most exhaustive portrait possible of our island patrimony. « Les îles de France » will be completed very shortly with a site that is entirely dedicated to Corsica.
The Channel islands and, soon, all the British islands

The Channel islands are closer to France than to England, and they form a universe unto themselves, both in landscape, a mixture of cliffs, beaches and English countryside, and in politics : they have been connected to the British Crown since 1204, but are not part of either England or of Europe. The purpose of this site is to use aerial photographs to help you discover not only Jersey and Guernsey, which are the best known islands, but also Alderney, the northernmost, Sark andHerm, the smallest, and the astonishing plateau of the Minquiers, which is often absent from maps.
Normandy from the sky, 60 years after the landing of the Allied forces

On June 6, 1944, the disembarkation by sea and by parachute of the Allied troops in Normandy constituted the most important military operation of the 20th century. shows the primary places where these events took place, as seen from the sky. In just a few clicks, you can visit the different beaches : Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach, Sword Beach, and other places full of history: Sainte Mère Eglise Church, Ouistreham, Pegasus Bridge... This site allows the user both to visit Normandy in an original way and to prove to those to help us that we haven´t forgotten them.
Airbus in 380 photos

This is a detailed slide show of the astonishing demonstration of the Airbus at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget in 2005. It will allows you to re-live, second by second, the ballet of the Airbus A318, A340-600 and especially its latest giant of the air, A380. This site, with its 380 photos will be updated regularly, as the development of the Airbus A380 progresses.
Concorde in flight and under inspection

Everything, or almost everything, that can be said has been said about the airplane that will forever remain the most extraordinary civil aircraft of the 20th century. Nevertheless, you will find, on this site, several photos of a spot that is little known to the public : the Concorde maintenance facility.
La Patrouille de France

An aircraft, a pilot and a mechanic. The Patrouille de France is built on this indissociable threesome. The name of the pilot and the mechanic are painted in exactly the same way on their Alphajet fuselage. But the media mainly show the pilots´ job. During the Patrouille de France annual meeting I have spent 24 hours with the mechanics. Their work is impressive.
Warbirds, the flying legends

A 500-photo glance at the most beautiful airworthy collectors. airplanes in Europe. Of course, it´s missing the noise of the motors, but you can still admire such mythical machines such as the Spitfire, Mustang, Corsair, B17, B25, Hellcat... This site will be enhanced with new photos taken little by little as meetings take place to mark out the aeronautical season in France and England.